Wounds Are Hard To Heal!

I always wondered, how the tree would feel, being bombarded by those villagers?
How would he bear all those harsh insults and abuses?
And how the soul of that tree dies slowly because of all those harsh abuses thrown at him?
How would would he feel when the whole world turns against him?
How would he fight back his tears?
How would he fight against the world, just to say that he is right?
What would he do all of that when he has no hope left to fight the world?
What would he do, when he has no other option but to cry?
How could he possibly heal the wounds made on his soul?
Who would make him gain all the confidence, lost due to those insults?
What will he think to do at that moment?
Ultimately when he loses hope and is about to die, what would his last thought be?
The day we find the answers to these questions would be the day I’d be able heal my wounds!

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