Your Presence!…

I thought you loved me, cared for me. Because that’s what you kept telling me all the time, every time!
We used to talk all the time, texts, calls, everything .But now, you don’t even bother replying to me, ignore my calls.
Before when I used to cry, you used to get mad, even try to make me stop. And now, you don’t even care if I’m sad or happy.
           You and me, we were perfect, we laughed or cried together. Shared things, made of others and each other. We completed each other. Now, you still are complete.But me…I feel empty, incomplete and completely alone.
I thought I’d move on easily, but this was just the start.And i wasn’t helping myself. I just kept making it worse. Everything reminded me of you.Every song, movie, book, everything! You kept leaving and coming back. Each time leaving a deeper scar on my heart. Making it harder to heal. 
           Each time you’d say you love me, but i knew you never meant it. I still loved you, and i don’t know why but kept hoping you did too. But you just kept proving me wrong. You just kept breaking my heart! 

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