Love Stories

Love stories are misleading and incomplete.
Where a prince comes atop a white horse and sweeps the princess off her feet.
That doesn’t happen in reality.
But when I saw you, for the first time I did believe in love stories.
You were this prince I had been waiting for all this while.
It felt like I knew you since forever, like you’ve been here all my life.
You would just come my way and sweep me off  my feet.
You made me believe, even if for a minute that anything is possible.
I’m not going to lie, you made my heart stop just for a second.
Every time we talk, my cheeks turn this blazing red.
Every time I hear your voice, my body simply trembles.
I’m not kidding, this is how you make me feel.
When I’m with you, I don’t get what’s real or reel.
Love stories are misleading and incomplete.
But with you, everything always makes complete sense!.

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