Reality Struck In

A person feels a lot of emotions, but the greatest according to them, could be love.
They get crazy for that one special person and would do anything just to make them smile.
They feel really dizzy and clumsy around them.
They become the center of their world during this time.
But what happens, when this happy moment passes, and all that’s ahead is a road downhill?
What happens, when that person they loved the most turns out to be the reason for their sorrows?
When that persons pulls your heart out and stomped all over it.
That pain is never bearable for anyone.
At times it feels like the end of the world.
But sooner or later, they stand up and move forward.
Not giving a damn about the world.
So it’s true that we have a lot of feelings.
And love may be the best.
But at times, all you need to do is love yourself.
And life would be a breeze!…

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