That One Girl..

Being lonely and left out, had always been a choice she was proud of.
Although at times it did affect her mentally, but she dealt with it.
She pushed people away and made sure no one knew why.
People thought she was weird or just plain crazy.
And soon, people started avoiding her, drifting apart.
Although this is what she wanted, she did feel pathetic.
She didn’t realize it would hurt this bad, but told herself it’s for the best and carried on.
She didn’t do this because she hated them, but because she hated herself.
She felt this need to rescue them from her.
From this monster she thought she became.
Until one day, he stepped into her life.
That was the day, she realized that it wasn’t as bad.
She tried her best to push him away.
But he didn’t. even for a second think about it.
Instead, he pulled her closer.
Made her look at life in a new light, love it. 
But more importantly, love herself.
He didn’t think she was weird or crazy, he just knew she had to be rescued.
But not from them, or visa versa
She needed to be rescued, from herself…

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