Will There Be A Tomorrow?

People always say that all fingers are not the same.
But this same thing does not completely apply to people.
Everybody indeed is not the same, but they do have one similarity.
Everybody, at some point in their life, does procrastinate.
Be it spending time with your family, or saying ‘I love you’ to a loved one.
They would always say, that they have enough of time.
They can do them whenever they want.
But who knows what would happen between today and tomorrow?
What happens if that tomorrow just never comes?
What happens when you don’t get to tell that one person how much you care?
When you don’t get to see the very same people, who you never thought really mattered.
It may seem like you have forever for everything.
But you never know, how long that forever would last.
You might think like this doesn’t matter at the moment.
But you never know, that when it really does, it could be too late.
It may seem like tomorrow is your day.
But you never know, whether there will be a tomorrow.

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