Why Be Perfect?

Every person wants every aspect of their life to be perfect.
But do they really?
How exactly would someone describe the word perfect?
Perfect for them, would be earning lots of money by doing their dream job.
Having an amazing love life, with that perfect person.
Living a life of luxury and not having to worry about a single thing in the world.
All of this is what would be described as perfect, by most of them.
But is it indeed perfect?
Is it really worth all the hype? 
Is it something they would really want?
But what exactly should be the definition of perfect?
What made people believe in that perfect life?
The society tagged some stereotypes as perfect.
And put them in people’s minds.
Made them believe this is what they wanted.
But how fun would life, be if it were so perfect?
What fun would it be, if we didn’t make mistakes and learn from them?
This perfect life portrayed by society, is something everyone wants.
But something they would never cherish.

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