For The First Time In Forever

There was a time, when I didn’t know how to smile.
A time, when every single second felt like hell.
When even the brightest of days, felt like the darkest.
When playful stares felt like judging glances.
When I couldn’t even look into someone’s eyes.
If I looked at a happy couple, my blood would boil.
And a group of happy friends looked like a waste of my time.
All of this was something I went through everyday…until…
That one day, the first time I saw your gorgeous eyes, your warm smile.
The first time I noticed something apart from the usual darkness
For the first time, I felt all warm and fuzzy inside, something i never felt before.
The first time I caught you looking at me.
The first time you made me smile.
And because of all of this, and much more.
Even the gloomiest of days seemed brighter.
For the first time in forever, I finally learned to smile.

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