Something About Her

There was always something about her.
The way her eyes sparkled, the way she smiled, the way she just walked around like nothing could bring her down.
She wasn’t a puzzle, in fact, she was an open book.
One look at her, and you’d have her figured out.
The way she spoke, this excitement in her voice, the way she moved her hands while talking.
Her face never wore a frown, but those rare times it did, her eyes would be sad, lonely, and her beautiful smile just gone.
The way her nose would wrinkle, her eyes wander, when she was in deep thought.
She was very moody, yet very few knew this about her.
She always wore her smile as a mask, and always fooled everyone.
But not everyone knew, that behind that gorgeous smile was a shattered girl.
A girl that goes through a massive struggle every time, just so no one knew what she went through.
She always smiled a wide smile, even though her eyes said something else.
Because, there was always something about her.

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