Helpless When She Smiled

He was always trying to hurt people but no one knew why.
He pushed people away, broke many hearts.
He always had this mysterious vibe to him. Like he was trying to hide something.
He walked around with his head held high.
But his eyes always had another tale to tell.
His face was forever stiff, making people wonder if he ever smiled.
Nothing could ever phase him, nothing made him flinch.
All of this suddenly changed, when he stumbled upon her.
She made his cold black heart beat faster, and bought a sparkle in his always dead eyes.
She made him feel safe for some reason, help him loosen up.
He let his guard down, learnt how to smile.
He stopped pushing people away, stopped breaking hearts.
When she was around, he felt like he was alive.
She made his heart skip a beat, he was helpless when she smiled…

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