Story Of Her Life…

There once was this girl.
She would always be happy, no matter what.
She loved making people laugh.
It’s like her heart was made of gold.
She wasn’t popular nor was she invisible.
She just kind of existed.
She knew she was special, but didn’t realize it until she met him.
He was something else.
He was a bad boy, she was just a sweet girl.
But even after everything, they worked.
She never in a million years could have guessed what he had in store for her.
He treated her right, made her feel special.
She didn’t want to fall for him, but eventually she did.
And she kept falling harder each passing day.
She didn’t think he was capable of ever hurting her.
But he proved her wrong, in the worst way possible.
He betrayed her, threw her under the bus.
She felt like someone had ripped her heart out and stomped all over it.
But that’s the thing about pain.
It demands to be felt.

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