I woke up this morning, the gloomy sky engulfing me in a blanket of darkness. It was serene, but something seemed off. Like something bad was lurking around. I immediately reached for my phone. And as soon as I came across it, my heart sank. Someone a lot of people looked up to and loved, had lost a long-fought battle. I didn’t know him, I probably never will. But he had always been a troubled man. Being in the spotlight had taken a toll on him. And he couldn’t handle it. Or maybe it just looked like that to us. 
He was battling alcohol and drug addiction. He had been battling depression as well. Something most people claimed, took his life. Despite of him being a huge celebrity, there was a huge number of backlash. People called him a coward, said he would go to hell for killing himself. But this wasn’t exclusive to just his situation. We got to see all of this only because he was a celebrated artist. So many people came forward, sharing their stories with the world of how he helped them overcome suicide, but they couldn’t help him. Many people went to look for clues in every song they had written and couldn’t cope with how the signs were always there. He was pushed so far back this time, he couldn’t find his way back up. People argued he could’ve gotten help, but would he really get the help he so desperately looked for?
This wasn’t exclusive to just him though. In the past, so many people battling from depression have pleaded to deaf ears and have been ridiculed and shamed. They were told depression isn’t real. It’s just a phase. Unfortunately, this phase ends up claiming a huge number of lives. But every time it does, the victim gets blamed. Depression is a mental disorder and unless its treated that way, it will continue to claim a lot more lives. Over the years, depression has always been a phase or an excuse for people to take the easy way out.
I don’t agree with suicides being the only option. But if something can push someone so far off, it must be a lot more than a phase or an excuse. It’s a mental disorder. And they don’t need to be told to “toughen up” or “get over it”. They need to be given the help they need and help them get out of this. Not everyone is the same, everyone deals with grief, anxiety or depression differently. But that doesn’t mean that they are selfish, or a coward. They just didn’t try to ask for help anymore, because the times they did, society failed them. 

Is Depression a disorder or an excuse? What do you think?

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