My Girl Alaine.

It’s roughly been a year since the day she found me. She was a wet, frail dog. Her beautiful brown eyes expressing nothing but sadness.
Judging by her delicate frame, she hadn’t had any food in a while. She didn’t try getting close to me. She just needed shelter from the rain. And my apartment building for now, her sanctuary. The wind wasn’t too kind. Every time it came rushing in, her frail body trembled in disagreement.
My mom made me feed her some biscuits the first time. The minute she saw the biscuits, her eyes lit up. That was the first time I saw anything but sadness in them. The next couple of times, it was the same exact thing. She’d only come closer if I had any biscuits for her. And then go back to being on her own. The day, her eyes lit up by just looking at me, I knew I had made a friend for life.
Since then, the two of us were inseparable. We went through so many highs and lows. I watched her regain her strength. She followed me around everywhere and would always be up for a cuddle. She already had scars when I found her and over the months she’s added a few more. I knew back then, she was a tough girl. That hasn’t changed one bit.
I watched my little puppy transform into a giant brown fluffball. She has watched me grow too. She wags her tail in every direction, chases after squirrels and birds all the time. She loves to gnaw on my arms; curls up on our feet at times. The grass is her favourite spot; rolling all over is her favourite pass time. She hates having her paws touched and gently headbutts me if I stop giving her rubs. She’ll eat about anything, loves bones and jerky sticks. She has so much love to give; some days she’s had enough of me.

With little paws and a smile so wide, she follows me everywhere; constantly by my side! 

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