My Tattoo Story.

 I remember being in love with the idea of tattoos since I was a teenager. I’ve always wanted to get one since then. But back then, it seemed like a distant dream. 
People have always asked me why I got the tattoos done, how I wasn’t concerned about what they’d look like when I’m older, etc. But I’ve always said that it doesn’t matter what they look like later. That shouldn’t stop anybody from getting the tattoo they want. To me, tattoos have always been a way to express myself. There used to be a show about people getting tattoos, talking about why they got it and the process of them getting it. I remember watching the show, wanting to get a tattoo of my own. My aunt and I decided to get our first tattoos together. And that came in the form of a birthday present when I turned 19. 
I was giddy with excitement spending days looking for something that I would want to get. That’s when I found it, a featherbird. A gorgeous owl’s feather with birds, flying towards it.  People always asked why I got it done? And I’d respond the same way; it reminds me of homecoming. At first glance though, I thought it was pretty. Almost immediately, I wanted another but had to wait for a while before I could get a new tattoo.
I have Alaine’s (my dog) paw on my right ankle. Something to remind me of her, and it only seemed fitting to get her tiny fluffy paw. It was a struggle getting her print (something I didn’t eventually need). The tattoo is a picture of her paw I managed to take one of the few times she stayed still. She still hasn’t seen it. It seemed fitting to get it on my ankle, every time I look down at her, her paw is right next to it. 
I’ve always been very close to my grandparents and have so many memories of them. I have names of my grandparents from both my parents’ side on my arms. My paternal grandfather’s name, written in my grandmother’s handwriting on my left. And my maternal grandmother’s name, written in my grandfather’s handwriting on my right. It feels like in a way I will always have a piece of them with me.
There are times where I think I could get another tattoo. Some even expect me to. But I have a little collection. And for now, I’m okay with that. People keep asking about what each tattoo means. And this is my tattoo story. 

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