What A Wonderful World

With how things have panned out due to this pandemic, I’ve been quite anxious, antsy, and even a bit low. And I’m sure quite a few of us are feeling that way, even more, because of the situation around us. But today is not the day to dwell on that. Today I want to try something different. 

I’ve always been struggling with keeping a cool head, having positive thoughts, or as I would say, simply existing. But you know what has helped me through all of this? My pawdorable army of fluffy goofballs that I get to call mine. And it made me think. If they bring me happiness, maybe they could brighten up your day as well.

Henlo Frens

I’ve previously talked about my pawmazing daughter, Alaine in ‘My Girl Alaine’ back in 2017, almost a year after I’d found her frail, little frame in my apartment building. This was also when my writing wasn’t as refined, but the love has always been there. 

I named her Alaine because it means Beautiful.

But for everyone who isn’t going to read that post, I found Alaine all those years ago; hungry, scared, and just hiding away from something I will always struggle to put my finger on. Having always struggled with getting too attached to my previous stray babies, I didn’t want anything to do with this little floofball. My mother, who has previously been concerned about my love for these cuties, decided it was time I look after another little furbaby. It started with me trying to earn her trust with biscuits, which then turned into her waiting for me every single day. My dad, a fellow dog lover, soon got involved in these feeding sessions too. And Alaine, who was still nameless at this point, loved every bit of being spoiled. 

I’d found Alaine with that little scar on her head, but she has gone and got some more battle scars to show off. And that’s because she enjoys starting fights she can’t finish. After all, she is a scared pupper. The amount of fights we’ve had to get her out of has been insane. But that has and never will stop our little ‘braveheart’. 

She loves naps, rubs, and sunlight

These five years have gone by so quick, but my love for her has never stopped growing. Alaine has crawled her way through my entire family’s heart. She may be my daughter, but it’s my dad who spoils and discipline’s her. My mum has a genuine fear of dogs, but Alaine gets all of her affection from afar. My aunt has occasionally taken up feeding duty when we haven’t been around but also ends up baking her Christmas cookies and birthday cakes, which Alaine will never share. My grandmother has fit Alaine into her schedule so seamlessly you wouldn’t be to imagine how she spent her time before. I have a feeling Alaine secretly prefers my mum, my aunt, and my nan only because they make her all this food.  

This little goofball has helped me through so much heartache by being the biggest source of my joy.  And I’ve had other goofballs who I’ve loved and looked after, but I knew from the moment I looked at Alaine that she would forever have a piece of my heart. I wanted to keep a piece of her. And the best way to do that was with a tattoo of her paw above my ankle. Right where she usually nuzzles her little snoot.  

Whitey would always hide in this shed from the rains

But she wasn’t the only one. I like to call myself ‘Chosen One’, ‘Mother of Doggos’, or an ‘Honorary Dog Whisperer’ because we ended up finding a little tribe to look after since Alaine came into our lives. One of the dogs I’ve had the chance to love had been around for quite a while. She was small and frail, but her gorgeous white fur still stood out. For the lack of a better name, we called her Whitey, but the kids around had named her snowy. She wouldn’t eat or even let me pet her for a quite a while until she eventually gave in. She was such a gentle soul. And even though Alaine didn’t like her as much, I know Whitey did. She was such a joy to have around, but she got bullied by almost every stray she came across. However, she was a fierce little floof. Seeing her snarl and growl at her bullies made me feel like a proud mama, even if it meant Alaine was one of them.

New Kids On The Block

Somewhere around June-July of last year, we came across a litter of eight pawdorable puppos. Not only were they a delightful mix of crazy personalities, but they also were different shades of black and brown. Not only did most of them find a way to survive the crazy Mumbai rains, these smol as heck land seals managed to win every one that came across them. My dad and aunt looked after them as much as they could, but only one out of them survived. 

Simba also enjoys naps, rubs, and sunlight

Simba was the smallest, yet the naughtiest of them all, but she knew she could get away with it. She took to my aunt and somehow is now her furbaby. Simba loves to play fight, nibble on your arm, and all the scritch scrotches she can get. But you know what I love about her the most? She’s the best big sister ever! 

Look at how proud this mama looks!

Her mama went ahead and had another litter of these smol pawtatoes at the start of this year, eight healthy puppies with the cutest little snoots I’d ever seen. We were so determined to have every single one of them survive we got started earlier than we did the last time. We even tried looking after their mum while she was expecting them. She even got enough belly rubs. All of them were kept warm with one of my dad’s old shirts, their mum was kept happy and fed, and we ensured the pups were safe and sound. 

They still enjoy naps

They grow so fast I don’t like it. Every time I went over to visit them, Alaine would get mad because she’s my possessive little child. Unfortunately for the pups I loved the ideas of them resembling potatoes so much, I named each of them after a dish. And despite being smol, their personalities started to shine early on. These little goofballs made me their honorary chew toy before they could even see!  

Simba has been the best protective sister to these little goofballs. She made sure they wouldn’t get too close to the edge, especially when they were learning how to walk. They would occasionally use her as a bouncy house if they ever did fall off the edge, which has happened on several occasions. However,  the one weekend we were away we lost a pup, but the rest of the 7 are still going strong.

The Yappy Hour

My dad and aunt had been feeding all the dogs way before the lockdown had been implemented, but the doggos are vv happy because this is one of the only times they get to see their hoomans. 

This is how it is every morning.

Every morning they are greeted with a stampede of floofs, and they love every bit of it. I know I have too until they sink their teefs into me, especially when I tried feeding them biscuits. Of course, it’s a mispupperstanding, but it’s one that hurts the most. The evenings are just as hectic. They’re hungry and need their chimken. Once their little tummies are full, they enjoy an extremely relaxing oil massage complete with some light humming too. 

I haven’t gone to see my little floof gang in a while, but they’re all just as happy and healthy. They enjoy the sun when it’s not as harsh in the mornings, cuddle up in the shade for siesta time, and come right back outside to wreak havoc once they’ve rested enough. Alaine, on the other hand, spends most of her days enjoying the coolest spots around and most of her nights shifting between pawtrolling and sleep. If there is one thing this quarantine has taught me is that, even if the world goes to shit, you would still mean the world to them.  

I know this isn’t like the rest of my posts, but I share these little bundles of joy with you guys and make your quarantine just a bit more enjoyable. If you want to check out more of Alaine’s shenanigans, you can follow her here. As for the rest of the pups, I might add a little pupdate on there as well! And if you enjoyed the read, you can check out more of my work here!

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