I have talked about how I started writing and the effects it has on me in ‘How My Bottled Up Emotions Sculpt Me.’ While it helped with putting my thoughts on paper on a personal front, it also helped me collect my thoughts about other matters as well!

Speak My Mind

I’ve always been an extremely opinionated girl, but that hasn’t been smooth sailing for me. And it didn’t make it any better when I found many ‘Yes Men’ in my life. Why? I have a problem, whenever I do voice my opinions I don’t think of the consequences, and with no one to tell me how stupid my decisions are, I started getting called a bitch which in turn shut me down.

However, not dealing with it in a healthy way did a huge number on me. I was lost, confused, and still didn’t deal with the consequences of my actions. Don’t get me wrong, I had friends who helped with my concerns, and I could talk to them about almost anything. But I eventually stopped, and I’m not sure about why I did it.

Talk To Me

I can safely say that things got a lot better once I met my friend Pronoy. He is one of the only people I’d be scared of solely because he can see right through my bullshit. We met as co-workers, and even though we left that life behind, we continue to stay friends. 

Pronoy And I at Mumbai Pride 2020

Even though I haven’t known him for that long, it’s been quite an adventure of discovering what we have to offer to each other. Speaking of, Pronoy came up with this amazing idea of hosting a podcast where he could talk about topics that mattered. What initially was supposed to be just one episode soon turned into me co-hosting it with him. 

We’re two friends who are speaking our mind with just a dash of humour. However, we’ve picked topics that we know would resonate just as much with you. You can check out the trailer on here, or on Spotify. We release episodes every Monday. You can also check out Minyamum for more behind the scenes content. Pronoy also has an insane blog by the same name where he puts out amazing content every four days!

We hope you enjoy listening to Life’s Lineup and subscribe so we can keep putting out more of our work. Thank you, and that’s it from my end!

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