Ain’t No Mountain High Enough!

Being a part of the Alphabet Army isn’t all rainbows and sunshine, even though it looks that way on some occasions. Sure, rainbow flags, glitter, and stunning fashion may be fun to look at, but there’s so much more to the community than just that. 

Seeing how it is pride month, I thought it would be fitting to revisit and talk about things most come across solely because they’re ✨ q u e e r ✨.

On The Regular

The Straightsoften find the courage to be proud allies by asking us or stating something probably borderline homophobic. But then their beautiful minds assume that by using words like yaas, queen, hunty, sissy, they’ve done their part. 

And somehow, every International Pride month, most of them proclaim to be allies and post aesthetic pictures with pride elements in them. An occasional rainbow flag, makeup look, cute nails, or inspirational quotes accompanying an image with nothing to do with it. 

I’m not saying that everyone has to be supportive or treat queer individuals differently. All I’m saying is basic human decency is a thing. And it shouldn’t be that hard to be respectful. It doesn’t matter what their gender, race, religion or sexual orientation is. 

People often say that the community is ridiculous with their excessive letter, pronouns and “in your face attitude”. Inclusivity is a luxury many individuals can’t afford. So why do a fair majority of bigots take it upon themselves to make it worse?

A Little Respect

Despite being in 2021, the world deals with anything to do with the alphabet army terribly. We might as well be living in the past. Not only do many feel unsafe in their households, but the outside doesn’t help either. 

And every year when June rolls around, every brand in the universe finds a way to “show support”. How? The bare minimum. By incorporating the rainbow into their logos. 

And before someone says I’m looking to pick just about anything apart, many of these organisations aren’t the best when it comes to the community. Not only are the people in charge pretty homophobic, but they actively make an effort to support anything that potentially can be harmful to any queer individual. 

The number of rainbow covered items increases rapidly every June. And this isn’t about the number of purchases, but the number of products that exist. Not only does this show that the corporation is trying to pull in queer individuals in the hopes of a larger profit. But this also portrays that they don’t care or understand what Pride month is really about.

Don’t Stop Me Now

In Truly Biconic, I talk about the origins of Pride month – The Stonewall Riots. Regardless of how things are right now, we’d have never even made it this far if it wasn’t for the very people who stood up for us back then. June 28th, 1969 will always be a key date for many in the community. 

I still see arguments stating how ‘being queer’ is a Millennial/GenZ thing. ‘You kids like to complicate things.’ ‘Every Tom, Dick and Harry is gay or bisexual now.’ ‘Back in our times, none of this existed.’ My favourite is when I hear someone say, ‘This being gay or whatever is not a part of our Indian Culture.’

And boy, does that last one bring me joy. Not only because they’re wrong, but the fact that their entire argument heavily relies on a false statement shows how clueless a majority of these people are. We’ve also seen so many icons like Freddie Mercury, The Village People, David Bowie, Elton John, and more who weren’t afraid to exude flamboyance and embrace their identity. Not only have we witness many out and about influential queer individuals, but the community has always been around. The only difference is that many have chosen to turn a blind eye towards them, back then and now. 

And this includes a large chunk of them losing their lives to a disease that was not only looked down upon but as a result of their sins.

I’m Coming Out

Being out and about is incredibly freeing for many, as you can imagine. But whenever someone deems it essential to celebrate themselves somehow, find themselves in a world of ‘who cares?’ or ‘why is this important?’ 

For someone who never fails to reiterate that ‘Homosexuality is a sin’, having an unwanted opinion comes off as incredibly unnecessary. Sure, we keep saying that coming out is painful at times. But if someone finds the need to celebrate their freedom, who are we to hate on it? 

One of the many arguments for most of us is, ‘If you want someone to treat you normally, why are you trying so hard to push your agenda in our face?’ 

But here’s the thing, this isn’t about our agenda. It is about our rights to co-exist as individuals, treated with the same respect you would give any other individual. We aren’t trying to ruin your future generations, nor are we trying to convert you. All we’re trying to do is create a safe space for any and every individual regardless of their age, sex, sexuality, or more.


The conversation surrounding Pride, how we celebrate it, and more has always been one I consciously avoid. Not only because I’ve actively avoided the community for the longest time, but also because why bother arguing with someone who isn’t willing to listen? 

It’s okay to have your own opinions and views, but attacking someone or wishing they didn’t exist solely because their ideas and beliefs don’t match your own is dangerous. 

It’s appalling how fighting for our rights is just as hard in 2021. The hate, the fear, the uncertainty that comes with it – it’s all too much. And no one deserves to go through that. While many worldwide can express who they are, some still have to fight an internal and external battle with and for themselves. And by continuing to either single them out, we’re doing nothing but inflicting more pain.   

What about Pride month do you enjoy or detest? Let me know. 

And if you enjoyed this and want to read more of my work, you can find them here.

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