She lay in bed with an aching heart, Tear filled eyes, her mind so dark. Stuck in a world obsessed with perfection, Her mind riddled with fears of her own. She grew tired day by day, Pretense her biggest flaw, but it seemed like the only way. Oftentimes misjudged as arrogance, Her sadness only grew, [...]

Dark, Rainy Nights

She always enjoyed dark, rainy nights. Even at her lowest, the rain always gave her joy. The sounds, the smell, the cloudy sky. Every single thing had her feeling warm inside. As she watched a family paddle around, She held her breath, failing to hide her frown. Her mind unravelled, bad memories spilling out. A [...]


Sometimes, the world just turns so badIts one of those days, the people sound so rudeWhen no one cares about how you feelOr what you think aboutNo matter you cry or just are sadThe people just do not seem to careWhy am i always misunderstood?Why am i the one to be looked badly at?All at [...]