I woke up this morning, the gloomy sky engulfing me in a blanket of darkness. It was serene, but something seemed off. Like something bad was lurking around. I immediately reached for my phone. And as soon as I came across it, my heart sank. Someone a lot of people looked up to and loved, [...]


Mind full of chaos. Her identity was so fragile but her spirit determined and strong. She was told it’s just a phase. She was forced to live a lie. Homosexuality doesn’t exist. Saying it wasn’t being in love but instead sick in the head.The Gender Spectrum is anything but a myth. It is an important [...]

Bound By Love

She stayed in bed, helpless and sore.Not a clue about who to tell, didn't know where to go.Disconnected from reality, finding ways to let it go.Her mind often drifting off, her soul ripped and torn.Her body battered and bruised, her face looked tired and old.Her heart was broken with no will to live anymore.He pushed [...]

Her Hero

She took her first breath, he was right there.He was her first friend, who taught her what love really was.She struggled to speak, he helped her learn a language that was exclusively theirs.A language she would forever cherish.Held her hand and took her around.He was her partner in crime.A protector when she needed.He was afraid [...]