Ain’t No Mountain High Enough!

Being a part of the Alphabet Army isn’t all rainbows and sunshine, even though it looks that way on some occasions. Sure, rainbow flags, glitter, and stunning fashion may be fun to look at, but there’s so much more to the community than just that.  Seeing how it is pride month, I thought it would [...]

Why You Need To Let Go?

Funky Poet has been my random virtual diary since 2013. What first started on Blogspot, gradually moved onto WordPress, and I eventually got my domain name too. But the one thing that never changed was my inconsistency!  “But Simone, you’ve been so consistent with your posts lately!”. I’m just as surprised as you. I’ve never [...]

I’ve Tried So Hard

‘No more self-deprecating jokes’, I whisper in between soft sobs.  For the longest time now, I have constantly made jokes about things that could be deemed controversial by many. However, even though they were more about me and my mental state, it would trigger almost everyone else around me.  I mean, I get it. No [...]